Market Research

EPG Industry Intelligence Reports

Uncovering trends and insights to drive your business

Our intelligence products provide unbiased results, unparalleled coverage and our in depth industry experience across our brands. We are the leader in assisting brands stay ahead of their competitors.

  • Consumer and Trade audiences
  • Beverage Universe including, On-Premise, Off-Premise, Controlled States – 242,359
  • PowerSports Universe, including Boating, PowerSports, Motorcycles – 245,751
  • Horticulture Universe, Landscape, Irrigation, Sports Fields, Arborists – 181,416
  • Dealers Universe, Boating, PowerSports, Outdoor Power, Fuel – 35,986
  • Fuels Universe – 33,855

Surveys help gain insights into your target market as well as help you better understand your customers on deeper level, measure customer satisfaction, and help build brand awareness.

Choose the right survey for your marketing message

Custom Email Survey “Eblast”
Tap into our audiences to get the answers for your questions
  • Client supplies question
  • Quick Turn around
  • Incentives available (supplier provided)
Website survey
  • Hosted on one of our websites (pop up questions)
  • Target specific geographic locations
  • Available across many platforms
Digital Edition Surveys
  • Available through digital editions as advertisement
  • Opportunity to target specific customers
Mystery Shopper Program
Proprietary programs
  • Client supplies locations and targeted observations / questions
Subscription programs (syndicated)
  • In the Beverage Alcohol sector, we have over 25 years experience surveying retailers
Consumer/Retailer Engagement
Intercept (interview) “face to face”
  • Retail
  • Show events
  • Outbound telemarketing

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